Sunday, 20 March 2011


'I got love from London to Leeds'- Kano

Hello hello,

So I went to Leeds yesterday ( 5 in the morn) for the 2nd Leeds Alternative Comics Fair organised by Gareth Brookes and Steve Tillotson ( I didn't get a new comic printed in time for various reasons, so I just had a poor old 'contagious 1 and 2' , photocopied at Rymans, who didn't go down very well at all! I'm pretty new to this game and I felt quite shy around the shinier publications and drank my pints too quickly as a result and did a hard sell- har. Then I zoned out a bit...

Hope I wasn't TOOO whiney, I didn't even look around properly, felt a bit like a fish out of water. BUT I did meet some awesome people- check out these awesome illustrations - haha, 'Space Dracula' haven't read this yet, nice man) and others who i don't have web addresses for. Everybody was SO NICE :) and I got some helpful tips. Got to keep on keeping on yo. Got some nooo idearss.

Anyway, it was a reet good event so thanks to Gareth and Steve and sorry for being odd.


Saturday, 12 March 2011

a milli a milli a mi- a milli a milli a mi- me and Clare Lowe ( get lowe, get lowe get lowe get lowe get lowe get lowe TO THE WINDOW!) are going to London Alternative Press Fair in May. NNnnyaaaayyys! Also, it' s Leeds fair for me next weekend eep! Um, I'm working on something. Trust and believe. I nearly wrote 'Trust and Bellend'. It's a siiggggnnnnn!

1. Don't draw famous people unless you're really really good at drawing.
2. Have an exciting life so you can draw inspiration from it. This is unlikely to happen.
3. Don't do autobiographical comics as they are mostly shit.
4. Don't be a girl.
5. Don't be a young girl.
6.Don't talk about how hard it is being a girl if you must insist on being a girl. Or else use it as a novelty.
7. Don't be from the UK. Be from 'the states' or Canada.
8. Don't admit that you dislike superhero comics.
9. Don't tell your job you can't come in extra as you're busy 'working on your self published comics'.
10. Don't bother.