Sunday, 28 November 2010

Alternative Press Fair uh-huh

There were quite a few girls at the event today who said they used to draw and who no longer do. Buy a sketchbook ladies your voices need to be heard!

Met lots of interesting people and caught up a bit with old faces and gave out my Britney fliers.I'm happy.

Friday, 26 November 2010

'Santa knows I had money on my Christmas list'-Kano ADD ME ON FEZBACK XXX
p.s I nearly wrote ''pon' my Christmas list'. Woul that have been better...?

Here is a picture of Mariah Carey. Isn't she adorable?!

Buy my comic foooo' OMGZ an online paying method! I really don't understand the internet, I just use it for 'social' networking.

Buy this. I've extended the previous pages of the 'Contagious' diseeease story...I cheated ok?! I didn't make everything from scratch but it's all blossomed into something juiicier than a fried chicken chain 24 pack o nuggets with bbq sauce. You want this shit. There's coke dust in the pages, or something ( yeah, I don't get drugs either).

Mad Men quote of the week-

This week: Heroin

Don: So, what's it like?

Ex hippy girlfriend: It's like drinking a hundred bottles of whiskey whilst someone licks your tits.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Thu Oct 28 15:10:50 2010(#7*****3) Extra Large Pears (S-) by n******4Tree laden with pears. Fruit picker is needed to reach pears as the tree is taller than the house.See details

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Hello boys and girls ( if anyone is really reading this) I am now living in East Lahndahn. Most inspiring. I'm working on some stuff for the upcoming Alternative Press Fair on the 28th November Maybe I'll do a launch of my Contagious thing at some point too ( hint: Mr Chicken) , I want to extend the story to a full length thing,- need to get a crack on.

Also managed to get a mini internship at the awesome London Miles Gallery for the new show which is opening next week. The group exhibition is called 'The Idol Hours' and feautures reworkings of classic paintings by contemporary artists. London Miles is pretty lush as it specifically spotlights illustrators, comics and graffiti artists and pop surrealist types- all the lowbrow low down and dirty artscummers. I've admired this shit for a while now. 'Citin times! Now if somone could bathe me and sing me to sleep before my ridiculously long commute to work in retail tomorrow, that would be maaahvellous. Laters!xxx