Saturday, 27 March 2010 it's my boi Clare Lowe. Plus here be updates on our collaborations We're basically taking over the world...

Monday, 22 March 2010

Hello, just an update on what I've been up to.

The Bedwomb exhibition in December, with The Riandos myself, was pretty fun and it was good to show a body of work. Unfortunately my friend Ben who took the photos got his laptop stolen and Fran Riando broke the memory stick so the photos from the night is gone :(. Luckily I still have my work up in my bedwomb, so when i get my mitts on a new camera I can post up some pics. Also considering publishing a book of the pictures too, which are a collection of coloured pencil drawings of female singers.

Also I was well impressed with Eyeball Comix Issue one( see link below) , run by Paul Arserott . The comix look well profesh and are being sold online at the myspace as well as at Here Gellery, Excelsior Comix and Bongout in Berlin. For more info and links to the other artists check out the blog. I'm gonna get on my contribution to issue two imminently.

Recently I've been collaborating a fair bit with Clare Lowe of Sane Comics Incidently she's about to start a comics blog to share her voracious appetite with the public,- big props when it's out. I've illustrated Day One of a diary account of a young woman whose had a tragic accident, written by Clare. I have also just completed the first page of 'Toxic Waster', based on a blog account of a wannabe enfant terrible. Lowe will make a response to each account from a perspective other than that of the heroine. We're also working on a community project called 'The Strip' and are currently applying for funding. Keep your eyeballs peeled...

I'm planning on flogging some paintings and other work at some of the Bristol art fairs that are coming up too.